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  • Timber Frame Fishing Lodge Part 8 – Day 10 Review

    We finished placing the last timber purlins before hot breakfast today – yes, we have two breakfasts each day.  The first is just before work begins at 6:00am, and consists of cold cereal or toast, and coffee/tea for those who want it.  Hot breakfast is at 9:30am, and today’ plate was loaded with 2 very
  • Timber Frame Fishing Lodge Part 7 – Day 9 Review

    Oh, so close – we only have nine jack purlins to drop in (the smallest, trickiest pieces), and we’ll be finished with the timber framing!  We had just about everything for weather; we started with a rainbow (I missed the chance to photo it), then driving rain and dark and menacing clouds, followed by bright
  • Timber Frame Fishing Lodge Part 6 – Day 8 Review

    Once again, we had a banner day!  In spite of the frost and fog that greeted us this morning, we managed to get the last four timber trusses assembled and up in the air.  The crew did a great job of pre-fitting the timber trusses at our workshop, which saved us a lot of time
  • Timber Frame Fishing Lodge Part 5 – Day 7 Review

    Once again, the rain kept us from getting too much done today.  We managed to prep everything for the final few timber trusses and the timber valley rafter systems. If the weather report holds true, tomorrow’s report should be a little more fruitful and interesting. Mark
  • Timber Frame Fishing Lodge Part 4 – Day 6 Review

    Another stunning day in Labrador!  The forecasted rain held off, and we managed to complete the roof over the reception and dining areas.  The local crew also built a temporary floor for us, to help make things easier for the assembly and raising of the great room timber trusses.  We’ll get started on those in
  • Timber Frame Fishing Lodge Part 3 – Day 5 Review

    The end of the fifth day on site has the cross-gables coming together.  We have seven trusses up (out of thirteen) and the eighth is ready to go up, first thing tomorrow.  If things go as planned, we’ll have the second wing complete before we run out of daylight. The weather was hot and the