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  • Whitepoint Progress

    Things are moving into high gear at Whitepoint – only a few days until opening!  Our crew (literally) burnt the midnight oil on Friday, and wrapped up the waterside trellis timber work.  They’re so far ahead, that we don’t even have any up to date photos! To keep you dreaming of a cozy, relaxing vacation
  • Whitepoint Update

    Things are progressing well at the Whitepoint Resort Lodge project – we are finished at the main entry, almost complete on the interior (just the stair treads to do), and are working our way through the waterside trellis.  Speaking of the water, I guess the surf was unbelievable late last week.  Our crew jumped in,
  • Whitepoint Beach Resort

    We’ve been very busy these past weeks, working on the reconstruction of the Witepoint Beach Resort Main Lodge – a fire destroyed the original lodge last year.  We are working closely with the Max Meisner and his construction crew at JW Lindsay and the Joe Zareski and the architects at WHW Architects. The huge (and
  • PEI Update

    A quick update from PEI – things are progressing quickly.  So quickly, that we’re way behind on uploading updates!  The building is weather-tight now and they’re moving on to mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems and hanging interior drywall. The timbers look awesome next to the pine roof decking – check out the intricate timber work