Timber Frame Fishing Lodge Part 8 – Day 10 Review

We finished placing the last timber purlins before hot breakfast today – yes, we have two breakfasts each day.  The first is just before work begins at 6:00am, and consists of cold cereal or toast, and coffee/tea for those who want it.  Hot breakfast is at 9:30am, and today’ plate was loaded with 2 very large pancakes, three pieces of delicious bacon and peppery breakfast sausage.  I’ll be surprised if I haven’t gained 10 pounds from this project!

We spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon installing the 2×6 hemlock decking on the roof over the screen porch (southwest side).  Just before break time (3:00pm), the winds shifted around the mountains across the lake, and picked up dramatically.  Shortly thereafter, the rain came strong and hard.  We packed up our tools and everyone got off the roof for the day.  The rain lasted an hour or more, and the sun came out for one last spectacular sunset.  The winds are still gusting beyond 80kph, and we’ve had to nail down just about everything on site.

We’re heading to Goose Bay early tomorrow, and will re-distribute the load in our tool bins, before catching a plane ride home on Saturday morning.  We’re all looking forward to spending some quiet time with family and friends, but I know that we’ll all miss the amazing scenery, the great local crew, the unbelievable food and the overall incredible treatment that we were so honoured to experience here in Labrador.

Bye for now.


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Mark GIllis, P.Eng is an award-winning designer and the owner of GIllis & Company Timber Frames.

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