Designing and handcrafting custom timber frame homes.
  • Raising April 23-26!

    Winter seems to be finally losing its grip on things, and we’re gearing up for our first raising of 2013!  Our first frame is a modified version of our Meteghan prow design, and features some amazingly pristine Douglas Fir timbers.  It will look amazing in its new home on the South Shore of Nova Scotia
  • Oldie But a Goodie

    While preparing the video posting for the PEI project, I remembered that we haven’t posted the video of the raising of the Albany Saltbox Tower frame (August 2010).  For those of you who haven’t seen it, here it is:    
  • 2012 – Year in Review Part 2

    After the whirlwind that was the Maritime Museum Project, our second raising of 2012 was for the Tracadie PEI project.  We took tons of photos and had them stitched into this stop-motion video.  It’s amazing how you can compress five full days down into a mere two minutes of video! The crew had a great
  • Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre Nearly Complete

    We are nearly finished on the pool roof at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre – weather permitting, we’ll be wrapped up on site this weekend. The 3×6 Douglas Fir decking is going on smoothly, and Bird Construction are ready to enclose the building and get started on pouring concrete for the pools and the surrounding
  • 2012 – Year in Review Part 1

    We’re a little late in getting this up, but this is the first in a series of project reviews from 2012.  The year started off fairly quietly in the shop with the fabrication of the frame for Tracadie Bay, PEI.  The tranquility of the early spring was interrupted by the sudden addition of the Maritime
  • Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre Update

    Mid-January, and our crew are 20′ up in the air on a wind-blown roof in Bridgewater!  The gents are making good progress with the layup of the 3×6 Douglas Fir decking over the pool section, and we’ll soon be moving into the workshop for the rest of the winter. We’re scheduled to return to the